68°C Stone & Grill is a delectable blend of culinary excellence and affordability. Immerse in a journey where our dedication to fresh ingredients ensures that each dish exceeds expectations in both taste and quality.

Our signature Stone Grill technique, heating up to a cozy 68°C, introduces a distinctive Asian twist to our offerings. Envision hot stones and succulent meats engaging in a flavour dance, creating an experience where each bite is a tender and flavourful adventure for guests.

Don’t miss our homemade special sauces—crafted to elevate meals with a mix of classic and Asian-inspired flavours. It’s this added touch that makes dining at 68°C Stone & Grill truly special for customers.

Discover a blend of quality, affordability, and culinary innovation here at 68°C Stone & Grill. Join us for a laid-back dining adventure where freshness meets sizzle, and every dish has its own unique story to tell for our valued guests.